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Greater  Parkview Church

Where the Difference is Worth the Distance

What our members have to say

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What gpc has done for me

Michelle went from not going to church much at all to finding a church family she loves at Greater Parkview Church.
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I feel loved here

Danielle said the love she feels at Greater Parkview Church is sincere, warm and welcoming.
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gpc is my new church home

Lori traveled far and wide to find a church that met the needs of her heart and family and she found it at Greater Parkview Church.
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GPC Watch care

Huldah came to Greater Parkview Church under Watch Care. For those who don't know, Watch Care is when you are a member of another church but due to school and other various reasons, you are looking for a church covering while away from your home church.
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GPC covers my family

The Francis family chose Greater Parkview Church to help them grow in their faith as well as help them lead and guide their children under the Word of God and all its truth. They love what GPC has done for them Spiritually as well as the love their children receive from the Bishop to the congregation.