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Bishop Carl E. Jones, Sr.

Bishop Carl E. Jones, Sr. has served as the pastor of Greater Parkview Church (GPC) in Greensburg, PA since July 2003.  He began his Christian walk at an early age, where he accepted Christ and was baptized.  He served in various ministries from his youth and through his adulthood.  It was at First Baptist Church of Richardson, Texas where Pastor Jones was ordained as Deacon.  He served as a Deacon for four years then he accepted his calling to proclaim the Word of God.  Pastor Jones was ordained by Pastor Craig Giles and served as an associate minister at Triumph Baptist Church until he was called to the pastorate. He credits a lot of Greater Parkview’s excellence to God and his ministry mentor and father, Bishop Leslie Patterson, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Sterling, VA, who continues to be a great source of leadership and guidance.

 Under the leadership of Pastor Jones, the church’s first mission was meeting the needs of the masses.

He implemented ministries such as Evangelism, Christian Education, Bible Study and Family Ministries.  In March 2008, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Greater Parkview Church became a member of The Lord’s Churches Fellowships and Ministries International, Inc.  Not long after joining the fellowship, a portion of Pastor Jones’ vision became a reality.  In March 2009, Pastor Jones and the members of GPC purchased the new and current church edifice.


Many GPC ministries have been birthed and implemented such as Music Ministries,  Adult Choir and Youth Choir, GPC Clothes Closet, Hospitality Ministry, Joshua Men’s Ministry, Esther Women’s Ministry, Mime Ministry, and Ladies Connect Ministry.  Also, during that time of growth and expansion, the GPC pastoral staff has grown.

We have added three (3) pulpit associates in addition to the increasing growth within the congregation.


In September 2013, another phase of the vision was realized with the opening of the Each One Teach One Daycare & Preschool and the Before/After School Care Program.  Pastor Jones and GPC have realized much success in the last several years, however; it has not been easy.  It was Pastor Jones’ faithfulness and unyielding desire to complete the assignments and purposes God has placed before him and in him that brought these blessings into fruition. In June 2014, Pastor Carl E. Jones, Sr., presiding pastor of Greater Parkview Church, was appointed to the position of Bishop for Lords Fellowship Churches of Pennsylvania.


Bishop Jones holds a BA Degree in Business/Marketing from Northwood University.  He studied at Trinity Theological Seminary and he is currently pursuing his Masters of Divinity (MDiv)Degree through United Theological Seminary. Bishop Jones currently works for Nissan North America as a Senior Dealer Operations Manager.


Bishop Jones is a member and former Branch President of the Greensburg-Jeannette NAACP.  He has a partner in ministry, his wife Stephanie, and children; Forrest and Olivia.  He is dedicated to his family, church family, his relatives, and friends.  His life is indicative of his favorite words,

"People don't care how much you know UNTIL they know how much you care."

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